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Burn That Bridge - Akon

Song Title: Burn That Bridge (Burn This Bridge) Artist: Akon Testing 1, 2, 3, can you hear me Yeah yeah yeah Your daddy was a real nigga The real rolling stone of our time He’s the reason why you wanna be

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Bananza - Akon

Song Title: Bananza (Belly Dancer) Artist: Akon aha.. aha.. aha.. aha.. aha.. aha.. aha.. aha.. Hey ladies drop it down (aha..) Just want to see you touch the ground (aha..) Don't be shy girl go Bananza (aha..) Shake ya body like

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Sexy Bitch - Akon, David Guetta

Song Title: Sexy Bitch Artist: David Guetta feat Akon Yes, I can see her 'cause every girl in here wanna be her Oh! She's a Diva... I feel the same, And I wanna meet her They say: "She low down..." It's just a

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I wanna Love You - Akon

Song Title: I wanna Love You Artist: Akon Konvict... Music... and you know we up front. I see you windin and grindin up on the floor I know you see me lookin' at you and you already know I wanna

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Yalli Nassini - Akon, Melissa

Song Title: Yalli Nassini Artist: Akon feat Melissa Akon: Yeaaaaaaa Ohhhhhhhh Akon and melissa Melissa: Yalli nassini, yalli nassi 7obi w sha8el bali 7abibi 7kini, ya tarekni wa7di bhal layali, ma btes2al 3ani, yamma dabo 3youni w ana 3am dari! Akon: Just talk about u and me Thats the

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Beautiful - Akon

Song Title: Beautiful Artist: Akon When I see you, I run out of words to say I wouldn't leave you, cause your that type of girl, that makes mistakes I see the guys tryna' holla, girl I don't want to bother you, cause

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Just Dance - Akon, Colby O'Donis, Lady Gaga

Song Title: Just Dance Artist: Lady Gaga ft. Colby O'Donis & Akon A red one Convict Gaga I've had a little bit too much All of the people start to rush. Start to rush babe. How does he twist the dance? Can't find

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Right Now - Akon

Song Title: Right Now (Na Na Na) Artist: Akon It's been so long That I haven't seen your face I'm tryna be strong But the strength I have is washing away It wont be long Before I get you by my side And

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