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Sunshine & City Lights - Greyson Chance

Song Title: Sunshine & City Lights Artist: Greyson Chance It's taking us downtown You're watching me watching me watching me go But I never listen No I never let you know Now we're heading uptown Is there something or nothing you wanted

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Unfriend You - Greyson Chance

Song Title: Unfriend You Artist: Greyson Chance I really thought you were the one It was over before it begun It's so hard for me to walk away But I know I can't stay You're beautiful and crazy too Baby, that's why

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Hold On ‘Til The Night - Greyson Chance

Song Title: Hold On 'Til The Night Artist: Grayson Chance Watching the minute hand frozen solid not moving Still we believe we can but we're afraid of losing Watching from over here It's hardly worth competing I'm almost out of

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Waiting Outside The Lines - Greyson Chance

Song Title: Waiting Outside The Lines Artist: Greyson Chance You’ll never enjoy your life, living inside the box You’re so afraid of taking chances, how you gonna reach the top? Rules and regulations, force you to play it safe Get rid of all

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Fire - Greyson Chance

Song Title: Fire Artist: Greyson Chance No it don't, come easy No it don't, come fast Lock me up inside your garden Take me to the riverside And fire, burning me up desire Taking me so much higher And leaving me whole (whole) There

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