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Love In The 21st Century - Neon Trees

Song Title: Neon Trees Artist: Love In The 21st Century I don't believe in a life without consequences Do you believe when I say that I'm not impressed? You say I never, Ever, Ever, Ever wanna talk again I don't

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First Things First - Neon Trees

Song Title: First Things First Artist: Neon Trees You are never gonna get Everything you want in this world First things first Get what you deserve It began when I was twenty-one years old And my mom and dad were begging me

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Sleeping With A Friend - Neon Trees

Song Title: Sleeping With A Friend Artist: Neon Trees All my friends, they’re different people Anxious like the ocean in a storm When we go out, yeah, we’re electric Coursing through our bodies ’til we’re one And why mess up a

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Everybody Talks - Neon Trees

Song Title: Everybody Talks Artist: Neon Trees Hey baby won't you look my way I can be your new addiction Hey baby what you gotta say? All you're giving me is fiction I'm a sorry sucker and this happens all the

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