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Pieces - Sum 41

Artist: Sum 41 Title: Pieces I tried to be perfect But nothing was worth it I don't believe it makes me real I thought it'd be easy But no one believes me I meant all the things I said If you believe it's

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In Too Deep - Sum 41

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The Hell Song - Sum 41

Everybody's got their problems (problems). Everbody says the same thing to you. It's just a matter of how you solve them (solve them), And knowing how to change the things you've been through. I feel I've come to realize How

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Still Waiting - Sum 41

ccSo am I still waiting, For this world to stop hating? Can't find a good reason. Can't find hope to believe in. Drop dead a bullet to my head. Your words are like a gun in hand, You can't change the

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Walking Disaster - Sum 41

I haven't been home for a while I'm sure everything's the same Mom and Dad both in denial And only jump to take the blame Sorry, Mom, but I don't miss you Father's no name you deserve I'm just a kid

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Underclass Hero - Sum 41

1, 2, 3, 4 Well I won't be caught living in a dead end job While praying to a government, guns and gods Now it?s us against them, we're here to represent And spit right in the face of

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