Asia Music Festival

03 October 2014 00:00 Asia Music Festival

First it was the award winning Rainforest World Music Festival with Sarawak’s traditional Sape, the boat-shaped lute that has become the symbol of the festival, then it was the Borneo Jazz, bringing jazz from around the world to Sarawak. Coming up next we have the Asia Music Festival!

The Asia Music Festival promises the most electrifying eclectic mix of live music on stage comprising bands from the Asian region. Asia Music Festival is a 2-day musical event featuring artistes and musicians from Asian countries namely from India, Korea, Indonesia, Brunei Philippines and Malaysia.

With its objective of attracting the Asian expatriate community working in neighbouring Brunei, the local Bruneians themselves , our neighbours from Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia as well as those in Indonesia, Singapore and the surrounding region, the atmosphere is planned to be that of a carnival style.

The Asia Music Festival is organised by the Sarawak Tourism Board. Come live the adventure with our music festivals in Sarawak!

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