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Like a Boss

Like a Boss

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Like a Boss

Song Title:: Like a Boss
Artist: Amanda Imani

Honey is a glam rockstar
She’s got the power
Honey is rockin’ them jeans
Got studs gleamin on her leather jacket

Honey’s got the world in her palm
She’s so prim and proper
Honey knows
She rolls with the bad boys
They all wanna get with her

Long black hair
Glistening under the moon
Dark red lips
Skin like Cinnamon

Like a boss she speaks
Like a boss never misses a beat
Wears gold on her feet
Like a boss
Yes she is
Like a boss she thinks
Diamond goddess

Like a boss this Miss
Like a boss she sleeps
In her bed filled with flowers
Like a boss she deals
Like a boss she is
Business is a thrill

Honey is a hot starlet
Black and gold her favorite
Honey wastes no time
Got his life on the line
One in a million fine

Confident little bombshell
Looking for ice
Sitting on chrome
Rocks with the kings
Honey brings love to the folks
She’s their queen

Like a boss she smiles
Like diamonds in the sky
Like a boss she rolls
Sexy loose platinum curls
Like a boss she sings
With her Cristal drink
Like a boss diamond queen

Like a boss she rolls
Like a boss she knows
Like a boss, like a boss
Like a boss she is
Like a goddess diamond queen

Honey painting the town red
In her red high heels
Walking them dead
Honey is spending money like nothing
Honey knows things come for free

Honey is loaded
Honey has a gun
Honey knows she’s not wicked
Honey is the best
Honey knows she’s the diamond goddess
Like a boss
Like a boss
Like a boss
Like a boss

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