Category "Jason Derulo"

What If - Jason Derulo

Song Title: What If Artist: Jason Derulo What if? What if I'm the one for you? And you're the one for me? What if? If you are the one Then us meeting here is fate Future with a dog named Ben Buy a house

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In My Head - Jason Derulo

Song Title: In My Head Artist: Jason Derulo Everybody's looking for love. Oh. Oh. Ain't that the reason you're at this club. Oh. Oh. You ain't gonna find it dancing with him. No. Oh. I got a better solution for

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Whatcha Say - Jason Derulo

Song Title: Whatcha Say Artist: Jason Derulo Wh-wh-wh-what did she say? Mmm whatcha say? Mmm that you only meant well? Well of course you did Mmm whatcha say? (Jason Derulo) Mmm that it's all for the best? Of course it is I was so wrong

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