Category "Maher Zain"

Awaken - Maher Zain

Song Title: Awaken Artist: Maher Zain We were given so many prizes We changed the desert into oasis We built buildings of different lengths and sizes And we felt so very satisfied We bought and bought we couldn’t stop buying We gave

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InshaAllah - Maher Zain

Song Title: InshaAllah (InsyaAllah) Artist: Maher Zain Everytime you feel like you cannot go on You feel so lost That your so alone All you is see is night And darkness all around You feel so helpless You can’t see which way to

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For The Rest of my Life - Maher Zain

Song Title: For The Rest of my Life Artist: Maher Zain I praise Allah for sending me you my love You found me home and sail with me And I`m here with you Now let me let you know You`ve opened

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