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I Am

I Am

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I Am

Song Title: I Am
Artist: KRU

Early In The Morning
When you wake up
Before you put your make up
You say you think of me till you drop
But you do you even know I’m thinking of you too

It’s 10 o’clock
I open up my laptop
There’s a pIcture of you on my table top
Counting down on the clock
It’s true can’t hardly wan’t oo come home to you

I am deep in gratitude
I am a man who thinks he Should
Be thankful for the love you bring to me
I am telling you I am no fool
For I am the one who needs you too
But most of all I am in love with you

Maybe I don’t say enough
Maybe I just act tough
Deep down insIde I can’t run and I can’t hide oh no
It’s about The Time I Should Let You Know (It’s About The Time)
It’s late in The EvenIng
It’s roses that I’m Bringing
And a round metal thing with the words inscribed I love you so
I will never ever let you go

(Repeat *)

It’s been so long
Many words gone wrong
So I’m singing thIs song for you
And I won’t stop until I hear you say I do

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