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Song Title: InshaAllah (InsyaAllah)
Artist: Maher Zain

Everytime you feel like you cannot go on
You feel so lost
That your so alone
All you is see is night
And darkness all around
You feel so helpless
You can’t see which way to go
Don’t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side

Insha Allah (Repeat 3x)
Insya Allah you’ll find your way

Everytime you commit one more mistake
You feel you can’t repent
And that its way too late
Your’re so confused, wrong decisions you have made
Haunt your mind and your heart is full of shame

Don’t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side
Insha Allah (Repeat 3x)
Insya Allah you’ll find your way
Insha Allah (Repeat 3x)
Insya Allah you’ll find your way

Turn to Allah
He’s never far away
Put your trust in Him
Raise your hands and pray
OOO Ya Allah
Guide my steps don’t let me go astray
You’re the only one that showed me the way,
Showed me the way (Repeat 2x)
Insha Allah (Repeat 3x)
Insya Allah we’ll find the way


  1. 🕔 14:55, 23.October 2010


    maher zain the best…..
    islam is the best choice for you…..

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  2. 🕔 4:52, 28.October 2010


    nice..tq coz shared wif us

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  3. 🕔 6:20, 12.November 2010

    aniaron nirikasy

    i feel so calm when hear this song…………keep going………………….

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  4. 🕔 6:35, 22.December 2010


    Sedapnye lagu nie…tng…

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  5. 🕔 5:50, 02.July 2011

    Eko mulyadi

    Subhanallah,, lagu ini penuh makna,, i like it

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  6. 🕔 23:55, 28.July 2011


    Syukron to liric,,,

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  7. 🕔 23:17, 18.August 2011

    rinie funniest

    Laguny menyentUh BgED,,!!lguny tOp abieZ,,

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  8. 🕔 9:15, 20.August 2011



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  9. 🕔 12:24, 21.August 2011


    subhanallah ini lagu membuat semua terharu i like it !!!!!!

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  10. 🕔 12:41, 22.August 2011

    dhian rahmawati

    masya allah….ga mau berhenti mendengarkan nya, sampai menulis lirick’a….

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  11. 🕔 2:09, 03.September 2011


    bagus banget lagunya..
    i Like it.. tapi kok gada versi indonesianya sih? 🙂

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  12. 🕔 19:40, 03.September 2011

    kia kharizigawa

    This’s song I’m like…. Thanks for U Zain….

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  13. 🕔 5:12, 25.September 2011


    ada yang athu gak makna atau arti lirik dari
    he’s never far away
    he=sebutan dalam bahasa inggris yaitu laki-laki
    berarti dalam lirik lagu itu, maher zain menganggap Allah itu laki-laki
    sebuah kesalahan kecil namun fatal akibatnya…
    hati-hati dalam berucap.

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  14. 🕔 10:44, 12.February 2013

    Syieda yaya

    Lgu ni jka dhyati btul-btul..memg mmbwa byak mkna..teng ja..

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